Diabetes Research in Milton Keynes

Clinical trials can take many forms and test a variety of things such as:

    • Testing a vaccine as prevention of an illness

    • Using blood or other tissues tests to improve diagnosis

    • Trial of new or existing medicines for a particular condition

    • Using new questionnaires to identify how to best support people or improve their quality of life with a particular condition.

Diabetes research is vital to help us understand the causes of diabetes and bring about changes in care, treatment and prevention.

Research can be conducted in GP surgeries, patients' own homes, hospitals and other sites across the NHS.


Diabetes Research is being undertaken by Milton Keynes University Hospital and there are many ways to get involved in research and learn more:


You can contact the local Diabetes Research Nurse, Louise Moran on 01908 996652.


Further information is also available at:

UK Clinical Trials Gateway: https://www.ukctg.nihr.ac.uk/

Diabetes UK website: https://www.diabetes.org.uk/research 

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